Google Optimization. Yes, it's that Important!

Implications of the "Set It and Forget It" mentality:

It's short-sighted to think that you can optimize your website and then forget about it. There is no "one size fits all" SEO tool that allows for a consistent number one ranking.  Some sites need higher keyword density -- pages optimized for very competitive keywords may need more quality links to achieve the traffic you need in order to achieve top search engine rankings. Moreover, there are numerous factors that need to be considered to safeguard your website from violating Google’s code of conduct.  Failure to ignore this code of conduct may even result in your website being dropped!

SEO Optimization issues are all fixable. It's crucial to know the strengths and weaknesses of what you're doing and get the issues that are holding your Real Estate site back, out of the way.  SEO is not something to be taken lightly.

Google Optimization

SEO is an ongoing process that requires art and science -- invest the time and work with a white hat SEO Consultant to get it right, first time. Be extremely cautious if a SEO company offers you a quick scheme and promises you the world.  Buy SEO from a skilled SEO Real Estate Consultant.


Google Optimization. Yes, it's that Important!

It’s thoughtless if you think that you can optimize your website and then just sit back and do nothing. There is no such SEO tool that guarantees your website will be number one in ranking. There are some websites that need particular and focused optimization,and quality keywords: is the way to do it.

Websites that pull up high in search results must have great Google optimization or their ranking within the search will lose them potential leads. In order to have your site within the first two pages of the search results, you should have the keywords throughout your content.

If you want to have great Google optimization for your website, you should have a site map located on your homepage with links to multiple pages for viewing. This will increase your Page Rank or the simple fact that you have pages that all link to the same site, will increase your chances in Page Rank. The higher your Page Rank the more your site will turn up in the search results.

In addition, you also need to remember that there are various aspects that need to be taken into consideration, or you may violate Google’s code of conduct. If you do not pay heed to this code, chances are that your website may even be dropped for an undisclosed amount of time.
If there are any broken links within your site, this is definitely not good for overall Google optimization and won’t bring high search results. Checking your site for broken links is routine for site maintenance, but is the best way to keep your site optimized. A site with broken links or any incorrect HTML errors will be read by the Google bot, or "spider," decreasing your chances to show up high in the results.

The Google spider is an algorithm that will crawl around the web gathering web documents and site links to for those who type in keywords within the Google search box.

For Google optimization to work for your site, it is best to create content using the keywords throughout the entire page. If you were to create paragraphs peppered with the keyword or words (especially within most of the website’s content), Google will generate your page presence high in search results because their bot will read your site's contained keywords frequently.

In making sure that your page has Google optimization, create titles that have the keywords within them. If your title has the necessary keywords, that should give you the best chance in turning up high in the search results.

Websites with text only for their links are considered to have Google optimization within them. If you have pictures instead of text for links, this won’t allow the Googlebot to read and use your site for the search findings. Also, Flash-based sites should not be the preference to build your website if you are looking to maximize your ranking as they are not "readable" as well as text based ones.
Great descriptions of your site in its introduction, including keywords, is  an excellent choice for Google optimization. Those descriptions should not include keywords only; they should also hold an overall overview of the website, enticing the reader to click your site from the search findings.

In Google optimization, the key is to have various links all leading to your website. The more links leading to your website, the more important you become to Google and the more your site will be used in results for those keyword or words.

Overall, when creating your website you want to be Googlebot friendly and thus Google optimized. You want the Googlebot to look for your site as frequently as possible by having the keywords that are most used concerning what you are offering. If you want lots of clicks, which may lead to sales, then make your website Googlebot friendly or Google optimized.

Google optimization and SEO is an art that not everyone is an expert at, though many may claim to be. Do not get pulled into an SEO Company that offers you high ranking results in no time. Buy SEO from a SEO Real Estate Consultant who is not only skilled, but knows all the rules of the game.