Best Keywords for Your Website?

Let's take a closer look at keywords and real estate websites:

A keyword is a word or phrase entered into a search engine in an effort to get the search engine to return matching and relevant results.

Just how important are the keywords you use at your site? How big an impact can they have on the success or failure of your site?  Actually keywords can make or break your site. They can easily make the difference between a site or blog that has no traffic and one that enjoys heavy traffic.

That is how important keywords are!


TOP 5 Real Estate related Keyword terms in October 2008 for Google:
real estate101,000,000
real estate agent9,140,000
real estate search7,480,000
real estate homes2,740,000
real estate agents1,500,000


Best Keywords for Your Website?


If your site is on the first page of any search results, it must mean you’ve used search engine optimization with the best keywords possible to ensure high ranking. Businesses that build their site upon this premise are those that will turn up on the first or second page of most search findings.

It is safe to say that you must find the best keywords when site building and key phrases are just as important. You must know your target audience, and you must also know what they are looking for. You may even want to know their demographics and build your key phrases around that knowledge. Keywords shouldn’t be long; they shouldn’t have more than two words within the phrases.

Using the best keywords available is key to search engine optimization, but shouldn’t be overused. It won’t help to overuse the keywords, by using the same word or word phrases for each and every page within your website. That will have a detrimental effect upon your site ranking, meaning it will cause it to be overlooked by search bots. The search bots are web programs that will crawl each site looking for those keywords or word phrases that were requested by the search engine.

When building your site, make sure you place the best keywords within certain crucial areas of each web page. Your keywords should appear with the HTML title tag. Create titles using the keyword as early as possible within the title tags to ensure a positive start. This will help individual pages to be "picked up" or indexed quicker by search bots.

We also learned that using the best keywords within the first or second heading of the code is great. In addition, using the keywords within the first couple of paragraphs is also helpful. It is always best to use them in a natural conversational way, and not place them awkwardly within the content.

Content created using the best keywords should be pertinent information for those who peruse the web page. If your content isn’t related to the keywords this might cause a negative view of your website and a downfall in visitors or leads. Those who overuse their keywords to beat others are considered keyword spammers.

Search engine spamming by finding unethical ways of overusing your best keywords could result in having your site banned from the search engine. Search engines are smart and don’t like spamming from sites who hide the keywords in sneaky places like stuffing the title descriptions  for the graphics or images. This problem has grown in its popularity and so has the punish in its severity: you could face to be banished from the listing for an undisclosed amount of time.

When using the best keywords for your website, remember to use the discretion in the words you use and the way that you position them, they can help to bring you to the forefront of the listings. When you are building your website try not to spam the search engine; no one likes spammers, and the search engines are not an exception.